Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Direct Currents: Tuesday, August 17, 2010

'Comic Book University' Imagines Superhero Undergrads [Art]

As the calendar veers toward many college and university's fall semesters (or trimesters if you nasty), students of all ages are preparing for the joys of scholarship and knowledge...and overpriced books...and tuition...and booze. As such, College Humor is on the beat and dropped some mad science on us all with its "Comic Book University" comic strips.

Eddie Argos on 'Spoiler Alert!' and the Challenge of Writing Songs about the Justice League [Interview]

It's no secret that here at ComicsAlliance, we're pretty big fans of good comic book-related music that caters to our geeky tastes, whether it's the rock 'n' roll of Kirby Krackle, the hip-hop of Adam Warrock, or even an entire concept album devoted to Spider-Man. We can't get enough of it, and that's why we were particularly interested in "Spoiler Alert!" and their new self-titled EP, which transforms the origins of Batman, Blue Beetle and Booster Gold into catchy pop tunes.


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