Tuesday, August 24, 2010

DC75: I Am Now Wearing This Building! (JLA #31, 1999)

Aside from Huntress, Steel was probably looked on as the least powerful member of the second Morrison/Porter JLA group. He had no official super powers-- just a guy in easily trashed high tech armor. Certainly Triumph seemed unconcerned once he took Steel's armor and left John Henry Irons crawling through ducts in the JLA Watchtower dressed only in boxer-briefs. Underestimating Irons' genius led to Triumphs defeat, as Steel had installed new weaponized security systems throughout the Watchtower which he could control from his workshop. "I'm everywhere... I am now wearing this building! And the entire Watchtower is my armor now. So think rationally and stop what you're doing before I have to use this equipment."

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