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75 Most Memorable Moments In DC Comics History

After over 45,000 votes were cast and the results were tallied, COMIC SHOULD BE GOOD is ready to present your top five choices for the most memorable moments in DC Comics' 75 Year History!

The DC Comics Solicitations for November Deconstructed

Welcome to a new ongoing feature at Comics Alliance, where we present and take apart each month's solicitations from Marvel and DC. Today we're taking a select look at the best and most interesting books coming from DC Comics in November, from "Batman, Inc." #1 to the final issue of "Madame Xanadu."

Superman, He-Man and Sasha Grey Kick it in the Art of Steve Seeley

Chicago-based artist Steve Seeley taps some beloved comic book and action figure icons in his bootleg depictions of Superman, Batman and He-Man that'll make you believe that the Man of Steel can save the heck out of a grizzly bear and that adult and non-porn film star Sasha Grey could make a fine Teela if they ever push forward with a new MOTU movie. Seely's creations will also be on display off of the Internet from September 10-October 17 at Chicago's Rotofugi Gallery.

Batman Turns to Crime at a Taco Bell Drive-Thru [Video]

Where once Batman ruled Taco Bell with promotional movie cups and kid's meals, it seems the Caped Crusader (or an impersonator) has now turned to crime, taking food from an unsuspecting drive-thru customers like a thief in the night. It's sort of like the old drive-thru football grab from MTV's "Jackass," only the gosh-darn Batman leaps from an untold height onto the top of an SUV before grabbing an order and fleeing into the shadows.

Swipe File – Harley Quinn Goes To The Apple Store

Tonight, Drew Barrymore paid a visit to the Apple store on London’s Regent Street. It wasn’t to trade in (ex?) beau Justin Long for a newer Mac, but to promote her upcoming film, Nanette Burstein’s Going the Distance. Her styling seems to owe a debt to Bruce Timm.


The Aquaman Shrine
Super Friends #21 - June 1979
DC Super Friends Maquette - 2003
This Probably Won't End Well

Being Carter Hall
JSoA #42 Variant Cover Featuring White Lantern Hawkman

Charlton vs Mighty MLJ
Team-Up Tuesdays: Tremendous Trios Triumph!

Comics Make Me Happy!
75 Favorite Moments in DC History: Number 65

Continued On 2nd Page Following
What Comic is Stefanie Powers Reading?

Diversions of the Groovy Kind
"Sometimes Leopards Can..." from House of Mystery #255 (September 1977)

Every Day Is Like Wednesday
Please be advised about Chase

Firestorm Fan
Poking Fun at the Nuclear Man

Green Lantern Butt's FOREVER!
Here's a nice picture of Hal's behind. AND he's flying with his legs apart again.

The Idol-Head of Diabolu
The Top 5 Miss Martian Covers

Power of the Atom
The All New Atom #10 (June, 2007)

Slay, Monstrobot of the Deep!!
The Best Cover Ever...?
Things Will Never Be The Same Again for Wonder Woman and Supergirl!

Supergirl Comic Box Commentary
Review: Supergirl #55

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