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DC75: The Truly Most Memorable Moments of the Dodranscentennial

As I've mention at some of my other blogs, Brian Cronin at Comics Should Be Good! @ Comic Book Resources has compiled a list of about 100 "clips" from DC comics which will serve as the basis for a fan voted top 75 Most Memorable Moments in DC Comics History!! However, the selections are "child of the '90s/Wizard Magazine" options, and it doesn't matter in what order you arrange a plate if there isn't enough food on it. As a matter of public interest and personal sanity, I see the need to cook up a truly awesome buffet of boss DC moments to address the inequities of that other job.

Per Cronin's own criteria:
"Remember, we're not just talking about COOL moments, just the kinds of moments that are still talked about decades after they occurred, and WILL be remembered for decades to come. To wit, people don't really remember the plot of Action Comics #1, but they will always remember the opening of the issue (with the rocket being launched from a dying planet). Those are the kinds of things we're talking about here."

What that has to do with a shirtless Batman punching Rā's al Ghūl, then kissing his daughter counting as 3 of only 100 moments while a solo Wonder Woman receives only two mentions total, I can't explain (without expletives,) only address. Whether you're a contributor at DC Bloodlines or running your own blog, how about we offer up our own ding-dang sizzle reel of 75 years, and I'll be happy to link to them all here. Just leave a comment or drop me a line at , and I'll add your post on.

LissBirds at Comics Make Me Happy! gets us started on the countdown, while Aaron at Continued On 2nd Page Following offers a really alternative 10 Moments in DC History That You Won’t See On the Top 75...

  1. Adam Strange Bursts Onto The Scene in 1958 (Showcase #17)

  2. Justice League of Arbor (Justice League of America #9 [1962])

  3. The Agonizing Death of Captain Adam (Space Adventures #33, 1960)

  4. The Pygmalion Birth of Princess Diana (Wonder Woman #1, 1942)

  5. Harvey Dent gets things done his way (Batman: The Long Halloween, 1997)

  6. Meet the Metal Men (Showcase #37, 1962)

  7. Ralph Dibny Can't Keep It Together (Identity Crisis #1, 2004)

  8. Knock This Steel Door Down! (Action Comics #1, 1938)

  9. There's a MAN on Paradise Island! (All-Star Comics #8, 1941)

  10. Despero Enjoys Chess (Justice League of America #1,1960)

  11. The Phantom Stranger gets an origin. And another one. And another. And another... (Secret Origins #10, 1987)

  12. J'Onn J'Onzz Is Not Okay (Justice League: A Midsummer's Nightmare #2, 1996)

  13. The First Super-Heroic Extortion (Action Comics #1, 1938)

  14. Die Like A Sorcerer (Swamp Thing #50, 1986)

  15. Princess Diana--Diana Prince (Sensation Comics #1, 1942)

  16. The Birth of Aquababy! (Aquaman #23, 1965)

  17. J'onn J'onzz escapes from flames in his most dynamic slash page ever. (American Secrets #2, 1992)

  18. Adam Strange teams up with Ray Palmer (DC: The New Frontier #6, 2004)

  19. Oberon spills his cookies (Justice League International Annual #3, 1989)

  20. Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy go Hollywood (Harley and Ivy #3, 2004)

  21. John Jones gets a dog. (Detective Comics #232, 1956)

  22. Batman almost reveals his identity to Jim Gordon (Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #125, 1999)

  23. Adam Strange finds and "old friend" (Countdown to Adventure #4, 2008)

  24. Young Hal Jordan takes a trip to the stars (Green Lantern: Secret Files and Origins, 2005)

  25. Batman Adventures goes noir (Batman Adventures #8, 1993)

  26. The Murder of Batwoman (Detective Comics #485, 1979)

  27. The greatest villain you've never heard of makes his first and last appearance. (Detective Comics #292, 1961)

  28. Daddy Is Dead, Child (Justice League America #38, 1990)

  29. With One Hand Tied Behind His Back (Justice League America #69, 1992)

  30. Skeets knows lolspeak (Booster Gold #1, 2007)

  31. OKAY HOT-SHOT, OKAY! I'M POURING! (G.I. Combat #94, 1962)

  32. The New Wonder Woman is Here! (Wonder Woman #178, 1968)

  33. Jean Loring's Infidelity (Sword of the Atom #1, 1983)

  34. Ted Kord makes a tough decision (Booster Gold #10, 2008.)

  35. J'Onn... My family... My Family--! (Justice League America #39, 1990)

  36. The Martian Manhunter remembers his past.  (Martian Manhunter miniseries #4 (of 4), 1988.)

  37. I Am Now Wearing This Building! (JLA #31, 1999)

  38. Harvey Dent argues against Two-Face (Detective Comics #739, 1999)

  39. Mars is destroyed (Justice League of America #71, 1969)

  40. The Attack of the Giant Dogs! (Strange Adventures #138, 1962)

  41. Booster Gold, meet Rip Hunter. Rip Hunter, meet Booster Gold. (Booster Gold v1 #13, 1987)

  42. Two-Face gets a cupcake. (Detective Comics #747, 2000)

  43. Despero gets a cape (Justice League America #38, 1990)

  44. Boxing Glove Arrows? (JLA #8, 1997)

  45. Two-Face goes noir (Batman: Black and White #1, 1996)

  46. "Marvel Meets Mr. Mind" (Captain Marvel Adventures #26, 1943)

  47. How Superman Would End The War... (Look, February 1940)

  48. Blue Beetle and Booster Gold steal J'onn's cookies (Martian Manhunter #24, 2000.)

  49. "If I Can't Trust the President of the United States..." Action Comics #309 (February, 1964)

  50. J'onn J'onzz, G'nort, and Kilowog go out on the town. (Justice League America #51, 1991.)

  51. The Orpheus Protocol (JLA Classified #7, 2005)

  52. With One Magic Punch... (JLA #29, 1999)

Updated 10/2/10


LissBirds said...

"the kinds of moments that are still talked about decades after they occurred," So do shocktastic moments count, even if they are loathed by many fans? (i.e. Identity Crisis) Or should they make the list because they changed the direction of DC, even if in the "wrong" direction? Just curious to hear your take on that.

Aaron said...

Really appreciate the plug!

Diabolu Frank said...

Aaron, it was well deserved!

Liss, I leave it up to you. I'm looking at the list as drafted, and there's plenty of shocktastic on there. I'm trying to keep it positive, but a moment's a moment.

will_in_chicago said...

I enjoyed the list, which is not as heavy on death and suffering as another list. It is one thing to honor a heroic sacrifice, but another list made me feel like I was looking at a series of crime scenes.