Sunday, February 20, 2011

2009 Black Lantern Nightblade design by Joe Prado

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Nightblade admittedly had a stupid, nonsensical '90s name, a less than inspired costume, and an m.o. very reminiscent of Longshot. This does not matter, because Nightblade was one of the most fun New Bloods in one of the best Bloodlines annuals, a viable Asian DC hero independent of a white super's legacy, and his powers were radically visual. Chop of his legs, and he'll hop at you until he can grow them back in a swift, ooey-gooey fashion. I refuse to believe Nightblade is dead, so I'm going to assume/delude that this was a soulless "duplicate" Nightblade that formed Maddrox the Multiple Man-like from a Superboy Prime bisection, with the real thing digging through your kitchen draws for some steak knives to throw at Geoff Johns.

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