Thursday, February 24, 2011

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Milestone Creator Dwayne McDuffie has Died

Dwayne McDuffie, the acclaimed writer behind Milestone superheroes including "Static Shock" has passed away suddenly, just a day after the premier of his latest project, DC's "All Star Superman" DVD.

Remembering Dwayne McDuffie

After the sudden passing of acclaimed comics and animation writer Dwayne McDuffie earlier today, his friends and colleagues share their thoughts about the man, his life and work with CBR News.

Rich on Dwayne McDuffie

Dwayne was charming, witty, engaging and tall. His plans involved feature films, he had fingers in many very interesting and profitable pies – but he felt attached to comics despite feeling badly treated over the years, a complete opposite to his experience with moving pictures.

Dwayne McDuffie And The Parakeet

In Hardware #1, Dwayne McDuffie wrote this scene, a metatextual commentary on his leaving Marvel Comics to set up Milestone Media at DC Comics, launching a brand new range of ethnically diverse superhero comics...

R.I.P. Joanne Siegel

The wife of Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel and inspiration for Lois Lane passed away at 93, leaving a legacy of tenaciously fighting for her husband's rights to the Man of Steel as remembered by author Brad Meltzer.

Graphic Novel Friday: The Grant Morrison Interview: All Things Batman (and More)

This two-part interview was conducted in late November 2010, coinciding with the release of Batman and Robin Vol. 2. Looming in the distance was Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne, an event that has been in the works since 2009's Batman: R.I.P., making the Caped Crusader an obvious focus for our conversation. Also, Wonder Woman, the Flash and Joe the Barbarian...

Tony Isabella on designing Black Lightning

"There were three people at the design meeting from its start to its finish: me, “story editor” Bob Rozakis and artist Trevor Von Eeden. Joe Orlando came in to approve the design we decided upon and added a few thoughts of his own."

First Shot Of Lois Lane…

From Cleveland, Ohio, the town in which students Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster created Superman, certain streets have been renamed to celebrate this.

The Least Desirable Characters in Comics

In the aftermath of Valentine’s Day, getting away from all those super-hot team-ups, who are the comic book characters you would not want as a significant other?

Comic Book Legends Revealed! #299

Bob Kane -- pop songwriter? Judd Winick -- Pulitzer Prize winner? Find out the truth in this week's COMIC BOOK LEGENDS REVEALED, along with an interesting hidden message from the last issue of a Marvel Comics title!

Comic Book Legends Revealed! #300, Part 1

CSBG's 300th extravaganza begins with the first of a three-part column, each one featuring legends of the greatest comic book writers and artists of all-time! We start with looks at Neal Adams, Stan Lee and Warren Ellis!

Comic Book Legends Revealed! #300, Part 2

In the second of our three-day celebration of the 300th CBLR, we examine the true story behind Neil Gaiman and his feelings on Death being used in the DC Universe. Plus, legends about George Perez, J.H. Williams III and Grant Morrison!

Comic Book Legends Revealed! #300, Part 3

In the conclusion to our three-day 300th CBLR celebration, we look at how Alan Moore inadvertently yet dramatically changed the world of the X-Men forever! Plus, legends about Frank Quitely and Jack "The King" Kirby!

Comic Book Legends Revealed #301

Learn the seemingly minor incident that dramatically changed Batman and Superman history forever! Plus, how was Grant Morrison's "JLA: Classified" storyline changed? And what connection does the Addams Family have with...lunacy?


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LissBirds said...

Loved the Super Harmony spoof. The part with the duct tape was priceless. That guy Pamela's dating is going to be plant food soon, though.

That's a real shame about Dwayne McDuffie. :(

I wonder where Joanne Siegal's passing leaves this whole legal battle.

Diabolu said...

Those wheels have been in motion for so long, I doubt they'll lose one bit of traction.