Saturday, February 26, 2011

2010 Captain Comet sketch by Gabriel Hardman

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I'm sorry it's been so long since we've had Captain Comet material around here, but my next stop would be Secret Society of Super Villains, and I don't want to commit to it until I get a bunch of my other unfinished business done. Maybe I should just ahead and do some L.E.G.I.O.N. instead?

Here's a really nice piece of a very early Captain Comet... so early in fact, that without being colored, I'd have assumed this was just a pulp sci-fi homage. No slight on the image-- it's just not a costume I ever liked, even if he has worn this get-up more times than any other!


LissBirds said...

Oh, swell! I like it.

Considering that there aren't any heroes dressed in pulp sci-fi-esque duds lately (now that Adam Strange got his clunky redesign), I'd like to see Capt. Comet dressed this way. It has a nice Forbidden Planet vibe. But I've got a soft spot for 1950's sci-fi.

Diabolu said...

Maybe on another character, but I kind of like the fact that Comet is a bit of a clotheshorse. He hasn't had one set costume survive much beyond a given decade, and he went through several perfectly fine suits in the 1990s. Adam Strange just needs to go back to his neat classic look and let Adam Blake be the uniform maverick (but please, no helmets. He has such nice hair.)

LissBirds said...

Every time Adam Strange shows up in R.E.B.E.L.S. with that clunky new outfit, I die a little inside.

I like the idea of a superhero who isn't afraid to wear different outfits. It's not like Captain Atom has to be a symbol like Superman or Batman, so a change of clothes wouldn't be a problem. He could be the DCU's male fashionista. I'd read whatever book he was in just to see what trendy new look he was wearing that month.

Adam Strange is the only man who should be rocking the helmet look.

Diabolu said...

Yeah, he's got that whole "Cyclops without a skullcap" thing going on, where you're fairly screaming "Scott Summers is too repressed to let his hair hang out." Except replace "repressed" with "aerodynamic."