Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Who's Dat: Hate

Alter Ego: Hate
Occupation: Crime Enthusiast
Marital Status: Unknown
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliation: None
Base of Operations: Mobile
Eyes: Pure white
Hair: White
First Appearance: Plastic Man #5 (Autumn, 1946)

Within a book called Evil Knowledge there exists a spell involving the burning of phosphorus and sulphur [sic] while speaking the words “Abraxas--- sator arepo tenet---.“ The incantation would invoke the mysterious being called Hate, something of a genie who would grant malevolent wishes.

The book was once found by a nebbish named Mr. Giglamp in a used book store, who decided to perform the ritual in the belief that it was a recipe. Hate passed by Mr. Giglamp’s window, and asking what the fellow would like most in the world, Hate awarded him a fistful of money. “That and more, if you want it! You read the words and burned the materials… I’ve waited a long time to be called!” Mr. Giglamp was happy with how things turned out, and was open to doing Hate another favor whenever he needed it. Hate made it clear Giglamp had plenty more to do, whether he liked it or not. “I’m not satisfied with the way certain professions are being run! Crime, for instance… Bungling idiots practice it! You shall carry out my enthusiasms! I have plenty of connections! Do as I say and you’ll go far!”

The diminutive Giglamp showed up at the hideout of the Rickens gang, whose leader had just gotten out of jail after having been pinched by Plastic Man. Hate trailed behind, seemingly invisible, urging Giglamp on. Hate gave Giglamp a hypodermic shot in the arm that made him “invulnerable—powerful—merciless,” which was used to flatten a burly gang member. Hate then gave the rest of the gang a shot that had the opposite effect, “weakens and confuses!” It was no work at all to show Rickens the door, allowing Giglamp to take over the gang.

Giglamp led the burglars to rob the Jewel Museum of the priceless Crown of Cleopatra. This was accomplished by stealing one guard’s uniform, and then having swift crime tailors doctor up a replica set for the gang to wear. However, Plastic Man and Woozy Winks had been following Rickens since his release, and questioned the still dizzy thug after his ejection. Plas made his way to the museum, and threatened one phony guard with drowning to extract information, but the rest of the gang got away.

Hate left Giglamp to his own devices for a bit, as the nerd relished counting the loot with his gang. Rickens showed up, hoping for a cut from the heist that had been his idea, but he was turned away. However, Plastic Man was hidden behind Rickens, and acted as his discreet enforcer in collecting the ill-gotten gains. While Plastic Man ensnared the lot until a paddy wagon could arrive, Woozy Winks followed Giglamp back to his home.

As Giglamp tried to perform the incantation from memory, Woozy stole the book of evil knowledge and read the same incantation backwards. Giglamp choked on a red gas that emitted from his lamp, then wandered off into the street. Woozy gave the book to Plastic Man, who while not necessarily superstitious, still chose to chuck it into the harbor waters.

Without being called, Hate found Giglamp hiding in an alley. Hate had no use for failures, and with the book destroyed, believed this would probably be his last appearance. Before he went though, he caused Giglamp to die of fear. Police found no marks on the body, and Plastic Man chalked it up to suicide, “in a manner of speaking…”

Hate carried a stout hypodermic needle that could enhance or weaken people with a shot.

Created by: Jack Cole


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