Friday, February 18, 2011

Bloodlines: 18 Page Samplers Online

PyroTwilight at Scans Daily left a comment yesterday mentioning his amusement about New Blood coverage on this blog and how "I'm also posting about the event issue by issue..." Since my own plans to synopsizes the event stalled out months ago, I thought folks might like to take a look at what P.T. has to offer:

Lobo Annual #1: Part 1
"Superman" The Man of STEEL Annual #2: Part 2
Batman Shadow of the Bat Annual #1: Part 3
Flash Annual #6: Part 4
New Titans Annual #9: Part 5
Superman Annual #5: Part 6
Green Lantern Annual #2: Part 7
Batman Annual #17: Part 8
Justice League International Annual #4: Part 9

Robin Annual #2: Part 1

PyroTwilight also served up an intriguing lead:

"One interesting tidbit for those who don't have/use Facebook is that Dan Didio is being somewhat mysterious and has began researching the Bloodlines annuals and the New Bloods spawned from them. Whether that means we may be seeing more of the New Bloods is a good question but it has me excited. Hopefully it won't be to round up the still living New Bloods to gun them down..."


PyroTwilight said...

*cough* I'm a he. I also posted up the next part today, the Ballistic issue.

Did you ever see the Bloodlines cards by Skybox? I found them a short time ago online, a pretty fun thing to notice.

Diabolu said...

Sorry, man! I wasn't sure about your Tomorrow Woman profile picture, and meant to avoid gender references entirely, but my tired brain let one slip through. I'll edit that.

I actually own a complete basic set (or two) of Bloodlines trading cards. That was in the days when I would buy a box of any DC set, and I never regretted it, even though I think you can buy a box today for $5-10. Those were stupid fun times. I used to own a set of the comics, but I left some elements of my run with someone for safekeeping who has since disappeared on me. I still have most of the annuals, Bloodbath, the Blood Pack mini-series and some odd guest appearances, though.

Sphinx Magoo said...

I read the cryptic Didio comment on Facebook too. Nothing else made of it. Yet. Since Didio was writing Outsiders last I saw, maybe some of the characters will appear there.

I always thought these designs by Arthur Adams were so well done that they deserved to be turned into action figures, or at least maybe some HeroClix figures...

Diabolu said...

You never can tell what weird random stuff they'll merchandise at DC. Hopefully, Didio will squeeze some more New Bloods or a parasite revival into his last issues.