Thursday, February 17, 2011

Flash #2 (July, 1987)

Picking up from last issue, Wally West returned home to find he'd won the lottery and, received a "present"... the private investigator's heart. The giver, Vandal Savage, was in the room. The vicious immortal would like to kill this new Flash... drink his blood... take his force. Savage had asked his computer who this new Flash was, and where he lived.

Vandal Savaged used ancient sorcery to contain the Flash in his Brooklyn apartment, with every exit leading directly into Hell. The Scarlet Speedster and the immortal maniac clashed, until the Flash managed to kick Savage out the "door."

Wally West paid a visit to the doctor, and learned his sprain had gotten worse. West made his own use of a computer, to check out Savage's alias. That night, Francis Kane slept over, because that's the smart thing to do when a homicidal maniac has your number.

Governor Cuomo himself gave Wally his lottery check, and West went from tipping his cabbie a quarter to $20. Wally and Francis ate out at La Boheme, then danced at Club Neon. It was there Vandal Savage chose to attack, initially against fellow patrons. Wally had to run out of a building to save a girl, only to find himself locked out.

Francis Kane used her powers of magnetism to fend off Vandal Savage, going so far as to launch a fork into the immortal's fuzzy mug. The Flash managed to reenter Club Neon, but then Francis used a dessert cart to push Savage out a window. The villain vanished, and the couple decided to spend the night at the Ritz, with Francis in a nightee wally had bought her.

The Flash visited Titans Tower to check up on Savage through his former teammates' computer system. Wally figured Savage would keep a low profile, but then again, Vandal was pretty pissed at him. Cyborg offered Wally help, should he need it.

Wally bought himself a house in Southampton, and invited Francis to stay.

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