Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The New Flash #1 (June, 1987)

When would people stop calling Wally West "Kid Flash?" He had assumed the mantle of his predecessor, after all.

In New York City, Wally bought $5 worth of lottery tickets and a Baby Ruth candy bar. He returned home to be greeted by a surprise twentieth birthday party, attended by Francis Kane and the New Teen Titans. Wally made a mildly racist comment to Victor "Cyborg" Stone about chitlins, because he's classy like that.

A phone call came in regarding a woman in Seattle in desperate need of a heart transplant. Heavy snow ruled out a replacement being delivered by air, so the Flash agreed to come to the rescue. However, Wally insisted on being awarded health insurance for his trouble, since everyone involved in the procedure was getting paid, and he would be stressing his body to make the delivery in time. The terms were begrudgingly agreed to, with the stipulation that the Flash would continue to offer his services in the future.

Wally learned that the heart recipient was Hugo and Nebula award-winning science fiction author Eugenie Hegstrom, of whom West is a fan. Barry wouldn't have asked for insurance, but he also died owing thousands of dollars in legal fees, and his burial costs were footed by the Justice League. Barry left Wally with only a costume and a picture of what a hero should be.

While dashing through the snow in Colorado, the new Flash happened upon Vandal Savage strangling a private investigator who knew too much to death. The barbaric immortal attacked the Flash, then disappeared. Wally tried to report the crime, but the police didn't buy his story.

The Flash finally delivered the heart to the hospital, then passed out for seventeen hours after his cross-country trek. When he awoke, Wally put down five burgers and four shakes, then chatted with the author he'd helped save.

On the plane ride home, Wally sprained his hand stopping terrorists. His ring left little Flash marks all over their faces. In New York, Wally ate six dinners. Eventually, he was questioned by Denver police about the murder, and was reminded about his fellow Titan Hawk's recent adventure in that neighborhood.

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