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Direct Currents: Friday, January 14, 2011

Okay, seriously. I have a problem. Stop me before I kill time again.

Sequel To Wednesday Comics From DC Coming. Steve Rude Contributing New Gods Story

Hypergeek noticed a Facebook response from Steve Rude’s wife Gino that stated this was an upcoming project by Steve for DC Comics...

Jesus Saiz will be joining BIRDS OF PREY as the regular ongoing artist.

“It’s not a small order…it has to be someone who can draw action, humor, suspense, love, hate, beauty, villainy. It has to be someone who can draw beautiful women who can also kick your rear end. It’s a special book, we think, and it needs a special artist..."

The DC Comics Reading List of the DC Universe Online Team Revealed

The long-anticipated DC Universe Online launches today, an MMORPG that will doubtlessly bring the characters and mythology of the DC Comics universe to an audience much broader than its devoted fanbase. We've played the Beta, and while we can affirm that it's very easy to pick up without preexisting knowledge of DC Comics, there are mountains of references and nods to DCU goodness that may leave a lot of gamers wanting to know more.

Hester on Villainy, Inc

Writer Phil Hester has big plans for Wonder Woman in 2011, which includes digging into dark corners of Diana’s past and deep into her rogues gallery.

An Oral History of CAPTAIN MARVEL Epilogue: The Future

In this epilogue to the 12 part oral history of SHAZAM/Captain Marvel, creators ponder the future of the character.

Bob Haney Interviewed by Michael Catron Part One

Bob had created or co-created Sgt. Rock, Doom Patrol, Eclipso, Teen Titans, B’wana Beast, the modern Green Arrow, the Super-Sons, and others, and had also written the Silver Age Aquaman, Viking Prince, Sea Devils, and Cave Carson, to name a few. And war stories. Lots of war stories. At that time, Bob was writing Unknown Soldier and the Batman team-ups in The Brave and the Bold (another series he’d created)...

Bob Haney Interviewed by Michael Catron Part Two

"Murray never had the balls to do anything on his own, anyway. He just sort of held me at arm’s length. It must have been a full year later at least, in ’54, that I walked in again, that I gave them another try. They were forcing Kanigher to take on a writer. Because he wrote everything himself."

Bob Haney Interviewed by Michael Catron Part Three

"Weisinger, all of a sudden, he invites me to write for him... I didn’t know him or like him..."

Bob Haney Interviewed by Michael Catron Part Four

"Young Devlin, Art’s son [Dean Devlin], who is the producer of that movie, grew up on comics. Spielberg used to come to the DC office. I don’t know if anybody remembers that..."

Bob Haney Interviewed by Michael Catron Part Five (of Five)

"Len Wein thought I was an old, used-up guy. He as much as told me that. I remember one day I was working with him and he didn’t like my stuff and I didn’t like him, particularly. I thought he was an egomaniac and overrated as a writer."

DC Heroes Get Youthful Manga-Style Reimaginings [Art]

Batman's gone manga before, but he and Hal Jordan look young and sprightly in the hands of a deviantART user who goes by the name of Karama-Wari. No matter how youthful Ryan Reynolds makes Green Lantern look in his film this year, her group shot of Hal with Kilowog and Arisia Rrab looks like a promo poster for the greatest GL anime that's never aired on Adult Swim.

2011's Hot Buttons p.3: ROBINSON on DC's Gay JLA'ers

Vaneta Rogers' series on Hot Button topics of 2011 continues with James Robinson on gay Justice Leaguers

That Wonder Woman Make Up Line In Full

Here is the full Wonder Woman cosmetic line from MAC, courtesy of Bella Sugar. Expect to see it in stores from March. And some lovely Michael Allred art to help promote it too.

2011's Hot Buttons p.4: SUPERHERO DIVERSITY

Vaneta Rogers take another look at diversity in the major superhero comic book universes in her latest hot button topic.

Grumpy Old Fan | Ten from the old year, ten for the new: 2010-11 edition

ROBOT 6's Tom Bondurant looks back a year ago to his own analysis of some of DC Comics' big moves for 2010, noting what did and didn't pan out, then he does the same for 2011!

Ted Naifeh Draws Batman and 'Beyond' [Art]

If you've had the pleasure of reading any of Ted Naifeh's work, like Courtney Crumrin and the Night Things or his original graphic novel How Loathsome, you've seen some pretty strange places. His new fixation with Batman, however, contains some very familiar imagery, and even if it turns out that he really isn't going to be a fill-in artist on Batman Beyond, the Bat-art that he's recently produced could make for an enticing audition.

The 'Gotham High' Animated Series that Never Was

Just a day after we reported on the failure-to-launch of David E. Kelley's Wonder Woman television series comes word of another DC Comics-based TV show that is never to be. Gotham High is an animated series concept created by artist Jeffrey Thomas and writer Celeste Green that re-imagines Batman and his cast of rogues as high school students. The project was apparently "lost in the shuffle" at DC Entertainment, but Green and Thomas have released some fully realized character designs and looks for the series, which you can check out after the jump.

Wolverine Sips Some Tea and More In the Art of Mike Maihack

Remember that one time when MRVLCATS stormed the Internet and demanded to be loved for their bottomless pit of cuteness? Well, Mike Maihack contributed to that movement, and his felines got us looking around at a few other super-powered scenes that he's made, like Wolverine pouring a spot of tea or enjoying a brief flight over a Sentinel. A little bit Chris Giarusso and a smidge Dean Trippe with pinch of Alvin and the Chipmunks (the cartoon series, not the film featuring the voice of Jason Lee), Maihack opts for adorable faces over big guns and long thighs in his artwork, but his sketch library is full of lethal and lovely comics ladies like Vampirella, Black Widow and Power Girl.

Sean Hartter's Superhero Movie Posters from Alternate Universes

Graphic artist Sean Hartter has taken the Web trend of re-designing movie posters a few steps further by creating a huge series of posters for geek-based films starring some of history's greatest film stars, all in an authentic period style. Among Hartter's inspired designs are The Punisher starring Jack Palance; Daredevil starring William Shatner; The Maxx starring Sylvester Stallone; Batman: The Joker's Five-Way Revenge with John Barrymore and Lon Chaney; and Watchmen with Peter Fonda, Brigitte Bardot, Max von Sydow, Paul Newman, Lenny Bruce and Anthony Perkins (directed by John Frankenheimer!). Surely, Grant Morrison and time travel photographer Steven Cook would be proud.

Bill Sandefur's Action Figure Comic - Marvel/DC Crossover Part 1

We invite our Marvelous News to check out Bill Sandefur's Online Action Figure Comic featuring a crossover event of Plastic proportions.

Bill Sandefur's Action Figure Comic - Marvel/DC Crossover Part 2

We invite our Marvelous News to check out Bill Sandefur's Online Action Figure Comic featuring a crossover event of Plastic proportions.

Bill Sandefur's Action Figure Comic - Marvel/DC Crossover Part 3

We invite our Marvelous News to check out Bill Sandefur's Online Action Figure Comic featuring a crossover event of Plastic proportions.

Comic Book Legends Revealed #295

In honor of his new movie, all of this week's legends involving the Green Hornet! How did he become the GREEN Hornet? Was he always related to the Lone Ranger? And did J. Edgar Hoover force the show to change its opening?


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LissBirds said...

I would stop you, but you've got so many good links here. :)

I thought I'd hate those manga renderings, but oddly enough I kind of like it. Especially Supergirl and GL. Ch'p just begs to be in a manga-fied world.

Wonder Woman MAC cosmetics? Oh, I'm going to cry now. After I just swore to cut back on the makeup purchases. It's all so...SPARKLY. Mmmm....glitter....

Gary Busey as Bizarro, directed by Ed Wood? That's inspiration for you. I like the idea of Lon Chaney as the Joker, too.

Diabolu Frank said...

...and of course I was all like "Who's going to buy Wonder Woman cosmetics?" Oh.

Busey Bizarro is boffo, and I want to see Bowie as the Joker!