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Justice #9 (February, 2007)

Previously in Justice...

The Legion of Doom found "It's time to wake up. They are all having the same dream. Over and over again. Every one of them. All so humanity will survive these creatures of tomorrow."

The super-villain's plot to destroy the super friends unfolded...

The news media was all over it...

Bizarro burst through the ceiling of Clark Kent's apartment, and pulled Superman out to fight in the steets of Metropolis...

In no time, the Power of Shazam was at Superman's disposal.

John Stewart was searching for Hal Jordan

Once again, the Wisdom of Solomon trumped any thoughts in Superman's head.

In an Arabian desert, the Flash broke up Captain Cold's mini-harem.

"With a word, I become the world's mightiest mortal. With a whisper, the thunders call my name. I am Captain Marvel. And in the infinity of possible retaliations against Brainiac and Luthor and their cohorts that we could make this day, there is only one that is perfect. Only one that is just.

All words are magic. That is the beginning of wisdom. Secret words open and close doors. They are like keys. That's how our names and identities have been used to endanger those we love the most. That's why a promise to heal has ensnared the world."

Not a bad bit of monologue, but this comic is basically as dumb as Metamorpho, so it won't pan out. "I don't understand. But then, I usually don't." Well Metamorpho, the world has been taken over by good deeds done with bad intentions, in no small part helped by mind-controlling synthetic worms getting into people's brains. As Captain Marvel noted, the villains "could never naturally form this sort of alliance. They are criminals because of their inability to sustain any sort of community." Also, Hal Jordan wasn't killed by Sinestro because his power ring would have just gone to John Stewart, so better to stick him someplace out of the way. "I'm still working on my G.E.D. What is he saying?" Oh, Metamorpho.

Captain Marvel was magically transported to a battle against Gorilla Grodd where he was supposed to be protected from infection by Green Lantern's power ring. However, Black Adam was also on the scene, and lured the Big Red Cheese away by threatening the life of his sister. Of course, Mary Marvel was only playing possum, as she and Captain Marvel Junior were both in thrall to the worms. "You're so stupid, Billy. Where's your wisdom now? You left your friends." While Black Adam and Junior held Captain Marvel aloft, Mary Marvel returned the power of Shazam, and began falling to her inevitable death. Adam wanted Captain Marvel to "Say the magic word." With tears in his eyes, Marvel asked, "...please..." Adam sneered, "That's not it."

The World's Mightiest Mortal broke free with the strength of Hercules, then flew after Mary with the speed of Mercury. Mary again called down the thunder, striking Captain Marvel. The champion of Shazam landed with a thud, as he could no longer hear the gods whispering their powers to him, for he was now worm food.

Under the direction of Batman, the Atom and Doc Magnus, the Flash constructed suits of armor for the Justice League to wear as protection from the worms. That hadn't done Captain Marvel any good, as he began slamming into the outer walls of the Fortress of Solitude. Asking why would require a wisdom he now clearly lacked. Even Captain Marvel couldn't take on all the collected heroes on his own, so why not front an army of super-villains, if they knew where the League was located? Why knock, when Marvel should be strong enough to pick up Superman's key? If not, how about if Black Adam and the Marvel Family had been in tow? No, we would instead have another one-on-one fight with an (unprotected) Superman, until Captain Marvel was captured by Green Lantern, and his worms removed. Useless tangent? Deux ex machina? You be the judge.

Hal Jordan and Captain Marvel were sent by Batman to Arkham Asylum, where they found that Dr. Sivana, inventor of the worms, had been locked up by Brainiac. Why? Stop--using--wisdom--readers!

Most of the Justice League donned their armors, including Green Arrow and Plastic Man, but not the absent Captain Marvel. Meanwhile, Metamorpho managed to defeat Gorilla Grodd by becoming a gas and choking the Super-Gorilla before he even knew the Element Man was present... and Rex even managed to steal a yellow power ring. Who's wise now?

"Chapter Nine" was plotted and painted by Alex Ross. The script was provided by Jim Krueger, and the penciled layouts by Doug Braithwaite.

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