Friday, December 31, 2010

Direct Currents: Friday, December 31, 2010

I'm going to decline announcing the demise of these "Direct Currents" linkposts as a new year's resolution, especially in light of previous erroneous assertions. Suffice to say, I would rather contribute more material worth linking to rather than wasting hours promoting other people (rarely with anything like reciprocity,) and I'm taking the precaution of discontinuing as many blogs I've been following for this feature as my conscience and tastes will allow.

CBR's Ten Best Comics Of 2010

CBR presents the ten best comics of the year as voted on by our staff with choices that include in-depth character studies, over-the-top action serials, visionary takes on classic stories and more!

The 5 Worst Comics of 2010

Over the last couple weeks, the ComicsAlliance staff has shared our Top 10 favorite comics and graphic novels of 2010, the books that felt like Christmas morning, the ones that stuck in our hearts and our minds and made us proud to be comic book fans. But in every medium, a little rain must fall, and so we would be remiss if we weren't honest about the lowlights as well as the highlights -- the comics that best represented the biggest missteps and the most problematic trends in comics writing during the last 12 months. And so with no further ado, we offer you: The 5 Worst Comics of 2010.

CBR's Top News Stories Of 2010

As the clock ticks down on 2010, CBR ranks the top ten stories that had readers, retailers and creators buzzing from the past 12 months from DC's restructuring to the advent of a major legal digital marketplace and more!

11 for '11: Things to Watch in the New Year - SERIES/GNs

Major crossovers involving Marvel and DC icons, plus massive indie graphic novels are among what to watch for in 2011

The Top 10 DC Comics Coming in March 2011

We've been a little busy with the holiday season, but we're back now with our monthly look at the most interesting-looking solicitations for DC Comics. This week we're covering the March 2011 round, with a bunch of Bat-cancellations, the return of Milestone (again) and the long-awaited conclusion of Joe the Barbarian.

Get all up in the chicken-fish face of Green Lantern's alien Tomar-Re

Here's a brand new look at the infamous space cop and crafty Green Lantern trainer Tomar-Re. Looks good, real good. So how is it that a half-fish alien can look infinitely better than Ryan Reynold's super suit?

Milligan Sounds Constantine's (Wedding) Bells

Writer Peter Milligan spoke with CBR News about January's upcoming "Hellblazer" #275 which features what was once considered completely unthinkable: the wedding of John Constantine!

The Batman Islam Wars Turns Up A Notch

So the Batman franchise runner in Paris, France is an young man of Algerian Muslin descent. How did DC expect the blogosphere to react?

6 Comics That Need To Be In 3D -- Rendered In 3D!

Despite the fact that even William Castle -- the B-movie auteur who once attached giant joy buzzers to theater seats in order to get audiences interested in The Tingler -- was tired of it fifty years ago, modern moviegoing audience are witnessing a resurgence in the popularity of 3D! And as though gimmicky, headache-inducing films with inflated ticket prices weren't enough, the desire to add a few other layers to things -- visually speaking, anyway -- is now making its way to comics with Brian Haberlin and Philip Tan's Captain Wonder 3D...

John Babos Puts Together Geoff Johns’ Flashpoint Event

Flashpoint is the much hyped, much teased, upcoming Flash-related event by Geoff Johns. Thanks to John Babos of Comics Nexus for allowing us to reproduce his original piece on Bleeding Cool looking into the latest teases towards this storyline.

Mike Henry's Cartoony and Kinetic Batman Rogues Redesigns [Art]

Hearkening back to the look of Batman: The Animated Series, artist Mike Henry dove into some Bat-verse portraits armed with a Batcave arsenal's worth of color and some new looks for the Caped Crusader's villains that mesh the energy of Humberto Ramos with the clean, liquid-hot cartoony feel of J. Scott Campbell.

Judge Throws Batarang At 7097 Of 7098 Batman XXX Pirate Cases

It’s a good day to have illegally downloaded Batman XXX: A Porn Parody...

Comic Book Cocktail Recipe For Your New Year's Party!

It's the end of the year, and that means that it's once again time for New Year's Eve: The Drinkingest Holiday of All! It's not just popping the champagne at midnight that makes it the tipsiest night of the year, it's the fact that parties built entirely around the twin themes of celebrating and getting ready for new things make the perfect opportunity to try out a few brand new, largely untested drink recipes on the guinea pigs we call our friends...

An Oral History of CAPTAIN MARVEL: The Lost Years, pt. 1

Continuing an in-depth oral history of SHAZAM/Captain Marvel with the 1st part of a look at his "Lost Years" - 1954-73.

An Oral History of CAPTAIN MARVEL: The Lost Years, pt. 2

Continuing an in-depth oral history of SHAZAM/Captain Marvel with the 2nd part of a look at his "Lost Years" - 1954-73.

An Oral History of CAPTAIN MARVEL: The Lost Years, pt. 3

Continuing an in-depth oral history of SHAZAM/Captain Marvel with the 3rd part of a look at his "Lost Years" - 1954-73.

An Oral History of CAPTAIN MARVEL: The SHAZAM Years, pt. 1

Continuing an in-depth oral history of SHAZAM/Captain Marvel with the 1st of a look at the SHAZAM Years - 1973-87.

Comic Book Legends Revealed #293

With the end of the year here, CBLR is all about time! What cult classic comic book series was originally going to be the tale of Captain America in the future? Was Bishop originally intended to be the X-Traitor? Find out inside!


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Luke said...

I'm sorry, but Cry For Justice was not one of the worst comics of the year. Far from it. I think fanboys don't understand earnestness, and the importance of being it.

LissBirds said...

Of COURSE the next crossover event is going to centered around the Flash. Why didn't I see that coming a mile away?

Diabolu Frank said...

Because he can cover a mile really, really, really, really, really, really fast?

LissBirds said...

Ha! *rimshot*