Friday, July 23, 2010

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Geoff Johns Announces New Flash Ongoing: 'Flash: Speed Force'

Next year, a second ongoing series will debut called "Flash: Speed Force;" This series will feature currently absent Flash-related heroes like Wally West, Bart Allen, Jesse Quick, and XS, Bart Allen's cousin and Barry Allen's granddaughter from the future.

Grant Morrison Franchises Batman in 'Batman, Inc.' Ongoing Series

Slated for November with frequent Morrison collaborator Yanick Paquette ("Seven Solders: Bulleteer," "Return of Bruce Wayne.")

CCI: DC Nation

The DC Nation panel at Comic-Con International found Grant Morrison, Geoff Johns, and JMS announcing new projects including a new Flash series and a collaboration between Johns and Morrison. Plus: Darkseid!

CCI: Batman The Return

The Bat-writers of the DC Universe gathered together to discuss the return of Bruce Wayne and announced Morrison's newest series featuring the Dark Knight--"Batman, Inc!"

'Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters' Video Game Announced

Inspired by the upcoming film staring that dreamy Ryan Reynolds fella, players will wield the Green Lantern Power Ring as Hal Jordan (looks like you're stuck with "Batman: The Brave and the Bold," Guy Gardner fans) and take flight across the universe, battling against horrible alien menaces while restoring order to farthest reaches of space.

DC Vertigo To Cancel Madam Xanadu

I understand that Madame Xanadu by Matt Wagner and Amy Reeder Hadley is to join the list of recently cancelled DC Vertigo titles including Air, Unknown Soldier and Greek Street.

Geoff Johns Spotlights Green Lantern & Flash Films, 'Suicide Squad' Video Game

"Green Lantern" writer -- and Chief Creative Officer of DC -- introduced himself to those assembled for his spotlight panel with the kind of poise he's known for at conventions, "My name is Geoff Johns. I write comic books."

CCI: Is John Constantine Really Getting Married?

At CCI's Vertigo: On the Edge panel, the DC Comics imprint announced that "Hellblazer's" John Constantine is getting married. Series writer Peter Milligan told CBR News that maybe he is.

CCI: 75 Years of DC Comics

Jennette Kahn, Paul Levitz, Dan DiDio, Jim Lee, Geoff Johns, and legendary creators Dennis O'Neil and Jerry Robinson reflected on the history of DC Comics at Comic-Con International.

Christos Gage Returns to the DCU for RAGMAN Special

Writer Christos Gage returns to the DCU with a one-shot in October called "Ragman: Suit of Souls," revamping the character's origin while exploring his Hebrew faith

CCI: Superman The Man of Tomorrow Panel

The writers of the Super-family line of titles took the stage to discuss their plans for the Man of Steel, Lex Luthor and Supergirl and CBR News was there with all the info.

SDCC 10: The Joker Finally Kills Batman

Early this morning, Batman: The Brave and the Bold made its final appearance at San Diego Comic-Con. The gracious panel more than entertained the packed room, and gave us some hints at what's to come in the rest of the season, as well as some sad news as to the fate of the series.

God Loves Gay Robin – Comic-Con Vs Westboro Baptist Church

So Westboro Baptist Church picketed Comic-Con for “worshipping false idols.” And Comic-Con picketed back. Playing the role of an “embedded journalist” I got stuck in… shouting with the microphone “I find your lack of faith… disturbing.” Anyway, here’s how the whole event went down. The Westboro crew were outnumbered, outgunned and police-protected. And a mixture of organised groups, independently motivated individuals and, let’s be honest =, one or two wackos, let them know how we felt. God loves Gay Robin indeed…

Gail Simone Speaks out at the Westboro Baptist Comic-Con Protest [Exclusive Video]

ComicsAlliance Senior Writer Chris Sims found "Secret Six" writer Gail Simone on the scene, and spoke with the "Secret Six" writer -- an outspoken supporter of gay rights -- about the inspiring response from the comics community. Check out the video after the jump.

Comic Book Legends Revealed #270!

Which superhero was the first to fly? What is the secret origin of Mark Millar's "Wanted?" All of this plus - did the Comics Code lead to the creation of Warren Publishing's "Creepy" and "Eerie?"

DC Takes the Pulse of Fans at the DC Nation Panel 2010

The first official DC panel of San Diego Comic-con was a casual and humorous affair, a little more concerned with making a connection with the fans than announcing new projects. DC co-publisher Dan DiDio wanted to take the pulse of DC's con-going fans and get some feedback on the last year of DC's stories. DiDio said that he values the "opportunity to hear from [fans] directly."

'Action Comics' #1 Saves Family From Foreclosure

In the nick of time, the Man of Steel has saved a family's home ... for real. A couple facing foreclosure found the collateral they desperately needed with the discovery of an Action Comics #1 in the basement, aka, the Holy Grail of comic books.

Thunderworld – 38 Pages Of Captain Marvel by Grant Morrison and Cameron Stewart

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