Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Direct Currents: Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Christian Bale and Mel Gibson Rant Mash-Up (VERY FOUL LANGUAGE, and loud.)

DC Confirms Waves Of New Creative Teams

From Tony Daniel's return to regular duties on "Batman" to Nicola Scott's arrival as the artist for "Teen Titans," today the plans for the publisher's DC Universe line shaped up in more ways than one.

Guggenheim Takes Charge Of The JSA

DC Comics has announced that Marc Guggenheim is taking over "Justice Society of America," with the ever-busy writer aiming to build a city not on rock and roll but with superheroes during his run on the title.

Smallville' exclusive: Laura Vandervoort (a.k.a. Supergirl) returns!

Current V extra-terrestrial Laura Vandervoort has inked a deal to reprise her role as Clark’s Kryptonian cuz Kara during Smallville‘s 10th and final season, sources confirm to me exclusively.

Scott Snyder to Take On 'Detective Comics' as Newest DC Exclusive Creator

Scott Snyder, who's co-writing American Vampire with Stephen King, is taking over Detective Comics in November after becoming the latest DC exclusive writer. We talk to the writer to find out more.

The Green Lantern Injured

Actor Ryan Reynolds sustained injuries while on the set of Green Lantern in New Orleans. What does this mean for the rest of the shoot and for his appearance at Comic-Con?

San Diego – It’s In The Bag

Here are a few of the oversized bags that Warner Brothers will be handing out at San Diego for all your swag. And to hide in if you so wish. Seriously, you want to get in to San Diego for free? Hide in someone’s oversized bag. Unless you are David Prowse, you will fit.

Ten Bizarre Joker Cosplay Fails Worthy of Arkham

Some men like Heath Ledger and Mark Hamill were born to play the role of The Joker. Many other people in the world were given different talents, but still insist on channeling their Joker enthusiasm into terrible, terrible costumes. If you watch "The Office," you already know that this fact of life was not lost on the show's writers in a Halloween episode that aired after "The Dark Knight" came out. Sadly, Joker overexposure has been lost on many cosplayers on the Internet, and those stubborn individuals leave the rest of us with no other choice than to point at them and encourage our children not to follow their examples.

The Gotham City Mixtape: Four Strange Songs About Batman

Beyond Method Man's opus to the Riddler, I had largely disregarded the music surrounding Batman. This last week introduced me not only to the Batman Musical episode of Batman Beyond, but a Justice League episode where he belts out "Am I Blue?" Are there other musical moments of the Caped Crusader's which I should experience?

Bat(man) On Fire

Who needs the Bat-Signal? Especially when a Canon EOS 7D, a cheapo fireworks sparkler, and a little long exposure trickeration can give you something much, much cooler.

Comics Of The Weak: Why Mark Waid quit collecting comics?


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LissBirds said...

You can't imagine how hard I laughed when I saw the headline "The Green Lantern Injured." That just made my day. I don't know which I'm more happy about...Hal Jordan getting injured, or Ryan Reynolds getting injured...? Okay, okay, I know it's mean, but ahhh, sweet shadenfreude.

Oh, Twitter. You never cease to get celebrities into trouble, do you? That Factual Opinion link made me lol.

Diabolu Frank said...

If only Hal/Ryan had been bonked in the head...