Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Direct Currents: Wednesday, July 28, 2010

CCI: Lopresti Monster Mashes on "Weird Worlds"

In this exclusive first interview about the series, Lopresti told CBR News he will be writing and drawing the Garbage Man feature for "Weird Worlds." He also shared news that while heavily rumored, Swamp Thing won't be appearing in the monster book (for now) but a certain Dark Knight will.

Chris Sims Reviews: 'Batman: Under the Red Hood'

This week saw the release of DC's latest animated feature, "Batman: Under the Red Hood," and I've got the feeling that if I'd seen it when I was 15, I would've absolutely loved it.

Irish Teen Pleads Guilty to Burning Down Former School While Dressed as the Joker

Every kid experiences rough patches when, on some level, they wouldn't mind if their school burned down (not necessarily to hurt their peers or teachers, but to avoid going to class), but one Irish teen took that desire to the extreme by tapping into Heath Ledger's "The Dark Knight" anarchy and committing arson dressed as the Clown Prince of Crime. Kids today!

Great Rao! Find Out Your Favorite Comic Book Character's Religion

If you're curious about the spiritual allegiance of various costumed vigilantes, there is a website that has been keeping track. "Comic Book Religion" has a database of comic book characters sortable by number of appearances, faith, nationality, and name.

DC x Converse Shoe Line: Green Lantern, Superman, Batman Kicks

If you by any chance look at the feet of any DC employees during Comic-Con last weekend, you may have noticed something very cool: DC Comics Converse high-tops. Yes, DC has teamed up with Converse to release a line of five original designs featuring Superman, Batman, and Green Lantern, as well as two more general designs with Superman and Batman iconography.

SWIPE FILE: Flash And Spider-Man Selling Their Loves To The Devil

All that fuss when Peter Parker and Mary Jane did that deal with Mephisto as part of One More Day to save the life of May Parker. But had it all happened before? Where was the fuss when Wally West did the same with Neron, without even the acquiesence of Linda?

Cosplay At San Diego Comic Con Special

"Detective" #27 to Bring $400,000 in Heritage Auction

With two weeks to go until the Aug. 5 Signature® Comics & Comic Art Auction at Heritage Auctions, the CGC-graded 7.5 VF “Aloha Copy” of Detective #27 - Batman’s famous first appearance - is already on its way to becoming at least the second most valuable comic book ever offered at public auction, and easily the lead lot in one of Heritage’s deepest comic and comic art auctions to date.

CSBG's The 75 Most Memorable Moments in DC Comics History!






The Aquaman Shrine
Unpublished Aquaman Page by Jerome K Moore - 1986

The Comic Treadmill
Showcase Presents Hawkman, Vol. One, Entry Two: Brave and Bold 34-35 (1961)

Diana Prince: Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman #115 (July, 1960)

Diversions of the Groovy Kind
The Batman and Ragman from Batman Family #20 (July 1978)

Girls Gone Geek
Brightest Day: The End of the Road

The Idol-Head of Diabolu
The Patron Saint of Loser Super-Heroes

Once Upon A Geek
My Daughter and the Invasion of the Toys

The Power of Captain Atom
Space Adventures #34 (June, 1960)

Siskoid's Blog of Geekery
Batman and the Outsiders #6: Pages 15-17

Supergirl Comic Box Commentary
San Diego Comic Con Wrap-Up

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