Saturday, September 18, 2010

Direct Currents: Saturday September 18, 2010


Larfleeze Takes Center Stage In His Own Christmas Special
First Look: Green Lantern/Plastic Man: Weapons of Mass Deception
Agent of S.T.Y.L.E.: Cold is Cool with Ice (Rundown of the differences between Ice and Ice Maiden)
DC Will Play 'Bigger Role' At WB, Report Says
What's DC Entertainment's Next Move?
One of the Best Personalized License Plates
DC December Solicits


4th Letter
Is it time to leave the past behind?
Batman: The Dark Knight #1

The Absorbascon
Wonder Woman's Hobby
Barry Allen Defeats Genre Blindness
Penitentiary Haiku
The Anguished Eye Turns Inward

The Aquaman Shrine
Brightest Day #10 - Nov. 2010
Random Panel of the Day #36
Cosplay @ DragonCon 2010
Random Panel of the Day #35
Super Friends #27 Original Art

Being Carter Hall
Custom Hawkman vs. Adam Strange
Read: Hawkman v.4:no. 18

Booster Gold, the minion
Even Tin Cans Make Me Cry
Generation Lost Versus Injustice League (Sales Figures Graph)

Chris Samnee
The Question (Inked sketch)

Continued on 2nd Page Fo
How To Modernize an Old Comic Book Without Too Much Work
When Comic Book Thugs Look Like Charles Bronson Part 3
Comics Scene 1993 List of Planned Comic Book and Related Movies
This Week's Big Three

Cultural Kalocin
I Just Have Something in My Eye...

Diana Prince: Wonder Woman
Dragon*Con 2010 Black Lantern Wonder Woman Cosplay
Dragon*Con 2010 Wonder Woman & the Wonder Girls Cosplay

El Jacone's Comic Book Bunker
Fair Trade: The Shield: America's 1st Patriotic Comic Book Hero

Every Day is Like Wednesday
In a genre built out of trivia, there’s no such thing as a trivial matter
Comic shop comics: Sept. 1st-Sept. 9th

G33K Life
Archers! #11 (Web comic)
ComicPageOfTheWeekend: Aren't you gonna...

Green Lantern Butts Forever!
Cracked Ice
Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #2

The Hoosier Journal of Inanity
History of the Predator, the "male Star Sapphire"
Hal Jordan's Greatest Plane Crashes #1
Hal Jordan's Greatest Plane Crashes #2
Hal Jordan's Greatest Plane Crashes #3

The Idol-Head of Diabolu
Queen Jarlla
The Adventures of Superman #479 (June, 1991)
Dragon*Con 2010 Black Lantern Martian Manhunter Cosplayer
H'ronmeerca'andra (Saturn)
King Jaxx
Dragon*Con 2010 Martian Manhunter Cosplayer

Justice League Detroit
Dragon*Con 2010 Black Lantern Aquaman & Wonder Woman Cosplay
Dragon*Con 2010 Zatanna Cosplay

New Readers...Start Here!
Wolverine: Origin
Whiteout Volume 1
Superman/Batman: Supergirl
Daredevil: Wake Up

Once Upon A Geek
Dragon*Con 2010 Recap – My Weekend of Insanity (lots of pics!)

Big Barda vs Superman
The ayes have it

Power of the Atom
Dragon*Con 2010 Indigo Tribe Atom Cosplayer
Dragon*Con 2010 The Atom (Ray Palmer) Cosplayer

Pretty Fizzy Paradise
Why I love Legacy Characters...

Slay, Monstrobot of the Deep!!
HOLY CRAP!! (Atlas Comics revival with J.M. DeMatteis)

Speed Force
Running a Speedster Ragged in Halcyon
Carmine Infantino Interview Book from TwoMorrows (With Previews)

Supergirl Comic Box Commentary
Review: Batgirl #14
Review: Doom Patrol #14


Diabolu Frank said...

Great linklist, Liss! I also appreciate the opportunity to see highlights of blogs/sites I don't follow (one of which will turn up at the Idol-Head sooner or later...

LissBirds said...

Thanks! I hope people find my selections interesting. Regarding Ice and Ice Maiden, I love it how fans can keep all kinds of minutae straight and editors can't.

And I think this is the first time I've been sincerely excited for a DCU Holiday Special, too.