Saturday, September 25, 2010

Direct Currents: Saturday September 25, 2010


DC Announces Bi-Coastal Realignment, Comics Stays in NYC
DC Entertainment President Talks Realignment Implications
Hey, That's My Cape! – DC's Changes Good For Fans?
DC Planning to 'Fire or Move' 80 Employees, Reports Say
What's DC Entertainment's Next Move?


4th Letter
Pre-Team Ups

The Absorbascon
Where Does Batman Vactaion...?
Superman's Persona Cycles

The Aquaman Shrine
JLA: Liberty and Justice - 2003
Random Panel of The Day #41
McDonald's Happy Meal Box - 2010
Random Panel of The Day #40
Chocolates Jack
Aquaman Shrine @ Masked Vigilante Comics!

Being Carter Hall
Hawkman In New Masters Of The Universe Two-Pack/a>
Hawkman Graces The Cover Of JLA/The 99 #3
Hawkgirl Cosplayer At DragonCon 2010

Sales Trends Continued
I Am So Gonna Hurk

Comics Make Me Happy!
Pop quiz for the weekend!
If I got stranded on a desert island that didn't have a comic shop...?
Do We Feel This Way About Comics Now?
I'd play cards more often if they had superheroes on them...
Comic Fan Art That Makes Me Happy!

Continued on 2nd Page Following
Some Stray Thoughts on the Smallville Season 10 Premiere - Spoilerish!
What is YOUR Desert Island Comic/Collection/Trade Paperback?
My Favourite Thing I've Gotten Online So Far
When Comic Book Thugs Look Like...Alfred Pennyworth?!
They See Me Rolling

Diana Prince: Wonder Woman
Sensational Comics for December, 2010
The Top 20 Wonder Woman Covers of the 1970s
Dragon*Con 2010 Donna Troy Cosplay

El Jacone's Comic Book Bunker
And Now...Mars Attacks
What I Read This Week

Every Day is Like Wednesday
Four Images
DC's December previews reviewed

G33K Life
ComicPageOfTheWeekend: The Demon
ComicPanelsOfTheWeek: Total Annihilation

Green Lantern Butts Forever!
Throwing My Hat into the Ring
Alan Scott
John Stewart
It's B,een a While Kyle
Going to the Fair

The Hoosier Journal of Inanity
Hal Jordan's Greatest Plane Crashes/Wrecks #9
Hal Jordan's Greatest Plane Crashes/Wrecks #8

The Idol-Head of Diabolu
Martian Sightings for December, 2010
2005 San Diego Comic-Con International DC: The New Frontier - Martian Manhunter Sketch by Darwyn Cooke
The Top 5 Martian Manhunter Covers of the 1970s
2010 The Martian Manhunter Archives Volume 7 Introduction by Tom Hartley
General Synnar
Dragon*Con 2010 Miss Martian & One Year Later Martian Manhunter Cosplay
2010 DC Universe Classics Series 15 Jemm Action Figure

Justice League Detroit
Motor City Links
2010 Zatanna Cosplay (Blue & White) by DJ Spider

New Readers...Start Here!
Suggested Reading Order: Superman - New Krypton
Helpful Links

Once Upon A Geek
Doctor Fate Essential Reading List
ACQUIRED: DC Adventures RPG – Hero’s Handbook

Where are all the Deaf superheroes?
Batman gets told off

Power of the Atom
Atomic acCount for December, 2010
The Top 10 Atom (Ray Palmer) Covers of the 1970s
2007 San Diego Comic-Con Captain Atom & Vixen Cosplay

Pretty Fizzy Paradise
Open Letter to Brian Michael Bendis
Okay then

Speed Force
More Flash and GL Cupcakes!
Teen Titans vs. Captain Cold in December
Now THESE are Flash Cupcakes!

Supergirl Comic Box Commentary
Review: Supergirl #56
One Last Baltimore Comic-Con Post: Jamal Igle's Superwoman
Happy Birthday Supergirl! Now Let's Get Snubbed!


Diabolu Frank said...

Coool! I was catching up on solicitations last night, as well as combing Direct Currents back to June for material I kept meaning to use in blog posts. After a week of exams and papers (got a final early next week already,) I was too bushed to do anything here. Thank you very much for saving the day, Liss!

LissBirds said...

You're welcome!

A final next week?! Youch. Good luck!