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DC Comics Solicitations for December, 2010

Lord Death Man of 'Bat-Manga' Gets Resurrected for 'Batman, Inc.'

The Charlton Heroes Who Inspired 'Watchmen' to Appear in Morrison's 'Multiversity'

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Comics Make Me Happy!
Saturday, September 11, 2010
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LissBirds said...

Grant Morrison writing a Watchmen-wannabe series with the ACTUAL Charlton characters? SHOOT ME NOW. Goodbye, Vic, Ted, and Nate, it was nice knowing you. There was a reason DC's editors made Moore use analogues.

I like his justification against Moore's accusation that Watchmen's been recycled..."These stories are designed to be told over and over again." Uh-huh. Sure, Grant, sure.

The Yale Law Library rocks, btw. And so does Dean Trippe...I saw some of his art a couple of weeks ago and was really impressed.

Diabolu Frank said...

All Moore did was offer a grim n' gritty The Big Chill with the Charlton versions of those characters. It's super-heroes with a John Cougar Melloncamp soundtrack. I'd love it if Morrison's "Watchmen" was really just writing the Action Heroes like Joe Gill/Steve Ditko/Steve Skeates did 'em. Plus, a direct analogue falls apart without Peter Cannon, who DC lost the rights to years ago. Of course, Dan Didio could just announce completed negotiations with the Morisi estate at NYCC.

The one thing DC did wrong was to not use the actual Charlton characters the first time. It could have been their Dark Knight Returns, but instead, DC ran from the original interpretations to recreate the characters. I don't see that Blue Beetle would have to change one iota from Nite Owl, especially considering Watchmen was a future tale. Nightshade and Captain Atom have been much compromised and lesser characters Post-Crisis. Thunderbolt was a non-starter, and Peacemaker ended up a far less interesting, even more pathetic wretch than the Comedian. Only the Question was actually improved upon at DC.

In Morrison's defense, he's addressing Moore's recent statements that no one in mainstream comics has done anything worth reading in twenty years, and that they just keep recycling his work in absencia. Moore is so far up his own butt, he makes Morrison look reasonable. Moore seems to think he reinvented the wheel, but I'm sure you'll agree that square wasn't the way to go.

LissBirds said...

I never saw The Big Chill, but what Moore could do really well (and I don't think I've seen anyone come close) is tell a well-structured and well-paced story, and once I read Watchmen, everything else I read seemed on a lower reading level to me.

I think you're in the minority for thinking they should've used the original characters. I'm not sure if using the original characters would've given Moore enough artistic license to tell the story he wanted? Maybe he could've. But it seems kind of depressing to think that in the future, Nathaniel Adam lost his humanity completely, and The Question snapped. Then again, I thought Kingdom Come was depressing, because I don't like seeing heroes decline. And I hated The Dark Knight Returns for more reasons than one. (The storytelling being a big part of it...I found it a slow read.)

"Moore is so far up his own butt, he makes Morrison look reasonable." Ha! That's probably what the real problem I have with Morrison is: the fact that comes off as being so stuck on himself. I can't stand writers/directors/actors/artists/whatever who think they're God's gift to the world.

The weird thing is, I actually liked Watchmen. I didn't find it particularly enjoyable to read, but I wanted to get to the ending, I was invested in the characters, and I enjoyed the insane amount of detail that was in the art, like headlines were actually spelled out on newspapers lying on the sidewalk, rather that just unintelligible script like is usually done today. I actually do agree with Moore that Watchmen was on a different level than most, if not all, of the comics I've ever read before or since. I can appreciate it as a well-written book, but it's not something I'm going to re-read for fun anytime soon.

Diabolu Frank said...

Moore's technically exquisite, but soulless. His characters have a lot of thought put into them, but no heart. For me, reading Alan Moore is like watching the gears in one of Osterman's watches. I don't feel anything when I read his work, so I don't regard it highly on a personal level.

The Charlton characters have been constantly abused, and the gravitas lent by a Watchmen would have protected and defined them. Of course Moore would have been more restricted with the characters, but did the world really need Silk Spectre making a baby with her attempted rapist, or the Comedian gunning down the mother of another one of his kids after taking a beer bottle to the face? Only the most unnecessarily sordid details would have to come out. New York could be replaced by London, and a more original ending than "kill everybody but the romantic leads" would have to be crafted. All in all, I think the confinement would improve the work. From the day I first read Watchmen in 1993 until the present, my response remains the same: "That's it?" I didn't exactly rush through it that first time, either. It wasn't a slog, but it wasn't compelling, either.

Grant Morrison is so in love with himself it's sickening, but at least it's a lovely romance. Moore has more perspective, but he's still a self-righteous egotist with a persecution complex.