Thursday, September 30, 2010

HeroesCon, Wondercon & Dragon*Con 2010 Huntress Cosplay

I've mostly been doing these cosplay posts based on pictures taken at Dragon*Con 2010 by Shag Matthews of Once Upon A Geek, but while working on a piece about DJ Spider's Zatanna Blue Sorceress Cosplay, I stumbled upon a second great Huntress from this year's HeroesCon. Then I was working on a Wondercon 2010 post, and found a third picture. As part of celebrating the Dark Knight Daughter's joining the DC Bloodline-up, why not show you guys the lot?

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Above is DJ Spider's pic from HeroesCon 2010, and my favorite of the group. It isn't that I love Jim Lee's costume design, but the execution of it here is absolutely fantastic. This appears to be a durable, functional, leather vigilante uniform with working protective gear and weapons. Not only does this Huntress look great, but I'm afraid she could actually kick my ass. It's a good thing she makes it a fair fight by leaving her belly, home to the internal organs necessary for sustaining life, completely exposed. Here I thought Mr. Lee went to medical school.

Based on a later comment, the above model goes by the handle Fuggly Unicorn, and you can visit her website, Hime Arts.

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Where the last Huntress was Dustin Nguyen's utilitarian take on Lee's design, this is Ed Benes' completely impractical skin-bearing booty shorts version. Thankfully, the Dragon*Con 2010 model looks to be legal, and nice about it.

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This final Huntress is from Wondercon 2010. One of the pluses to depriving the Post-Crisis Huntress of her famous parentage is that it leaves her enough ethnic ambiguity to be played by whatever actress would be best at portraying the character. "Italian" can be translated through Hollywood into just about any race under the sun, and it still works. In fact, Huntress is so attitudinal, she plays into the stereotype of the non-white who takes the piss out of everyone else. Honestly though, the main point of my rambling is to avoid discussing what looks like a very pretty and quite probably uncomfortably young Huntress wearing a corset and skintight vinyl. I don't want Chris Hansen and the HeroesCon Huntress showing up in my kitchen. I'll just say that there are more of these Birds of Prey pictures for your entertainment.

Thanks to everybody for the images, which enlarge and often expand when you click 'em!

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LissBirds said...

Despite it being the midriff version, that first one is pretty awesome, and I think if the mask was modified so it had the little pointy bit over the bridge of the nose, it would be even better. I love how the belt came out. The last one's pretty cool, too, though I'd like a sleeker mask. The belt bears a striking resemblance to the first one. :)

FugglyUnicorn said...

Hello, I'm the huntress in the first version, wanted to thank you for your kind words! You can see more on my website

@Liss: We sculpted a slight point on the brow so if she (I) were to head butt someone it would leave a dent :)

Diabolu Frank said...

Glad you dug it, um, "Fuggly." Yeah, I'm definitely getting my ass kicked. Anyway, I've added a link to your site in the main post.