Thursday, January 28, 2010

Answer the Phone

"Lay down on the ground. If you make a move, I'll put this arrow through you."

Ollie moved toward the phone, and Connor had a strange gleam in his eye. Green Arrow wasn't taking any chances, and let loose a concussion arrow. The Green Arrow of the future took the blow in stride-- something no human could do.

Ollie knew what no one else in his life did. He knew he had a son, with almond eyes and brown skin like his mother, but blond hair like his daddy. Not strawberry blond, like this chump covered in bronzer with a domino mask. This bastard may have known of his son, but he sure wasn't the real deal.

Ollie and the impostor danced around the room. The Emerald Archer's prey wasn't particularly versed in combat, and a few well placed arrows later, he was down and out. Doctor Fate eventually came to collect the jerk, and informed Green Arrow this was Glorious Godfrey, a New God of deception. "Where Godfrey walks, Darkseid cannot be far behind. Tell your friends, look to salvation. Try to get free."

The phone call? Pretty bird Dinah looking to see that Ollie had gotten home safe. But was anyplace safe, where gods walk amongst men?

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