Sunday, January 31, 2010


I had such grand plans for Batgirl. See, Granny Goodness was pretending to be the Supergirl analogue from Peter David's "Fallen Angel," and Glorious Godfrey was a fake Connor Hawke. Both would trick a bunch of 90s heroes into battling their predecessors, while Cassandra Cain would pretend to be Barbara Gordon, so she wouldn't get zapped by Dr. Fate. Batgirl would have helped save Gotham City, and helped make peace between generations of super-heroes.

Ah well. I like me some 90s heroes. Consider me an honorary member of the Anti-Didio League, and I'll wish it the best. Maybe we can do this again, but better on my part? For instance, with the dang League link on all the pages? GAH! Stupid me!

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