Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hal Jordan

... are you drunk?"

"No, of course not! I don't get drunk! I can hold my liquor!"

"Hal, maybe now isn't the best time, but could you ring on over here and give me a lift to the J.L.A. satellite? Neither my signal nor the old teleport tube seems to work."

"Can't. I gave up my ring for Carol Ferris, and now she's left me with nothing!"

"Good lord, Hal. You've got the worst luck with women. How could you do that to yourself?"

"You're one to talk!"

"What are you talking about?"

"That witch Jean, screwing around on you."


"When did you get back from the jungle, anyway?"

"No, wait, go back. What about Jean?"

"I heard you caught her steaming up the car windows with that lawyer friend of hers. That's why you divorced her."

"What? No! ...Ah, no. I was wondering what all these pictures of Paul Hoben were doing up on our walls. I guess I don't live here anymore."

"You're at your old house? S'creepy, Ray."

"Enough about that. If you can't help me, I'll need to reach someone who can. Do you know how to contact Green Arrow?"

"I dunno. Think he'sn Seattle somewhere with Dinah."

"How about the Hawks?"

"They went nuts. Attacked a buncha people. Real re-reculses now."


"Dunno. He disappeared after the murder trial."

"What?!? Good lord! What about Elongated Man?"

"He'sn Detroit with Sue n' J'Onn ana bunch of ethnic kids pretendin' to be the Jaylay. I coulda flown you there, but I don' know a number."

"Manhunter?!? No thanks anyway. Aquaman?"

"He's lost underwater. Mystical stuff down there."

"Of course Superman is available?"

"Nah, he's been real gone since Supergirl died."

"That's terrible. Zatanna? Wonder Woman?"


"But where are they?"


"Red Tornado?"

"Blew up with the satellite. The whole world's gone t'hell. Red skies. Shadow demons. World's livin' and dyin'. S'amess."

Ray realized that the loss of the warp-box was surely the cause of this horrible state of affairs, and was more determined than ever to retrieve it. As delicately as possible, Ray dismissed the sorry shell of a man that was once a Green Lantern corpsman, and called the Midway City Museum. One way or another, the team of Hawkman and the Atom would fly again.

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