Thursday, January 28, 2010

You Have Chosen to Go With The Injustice Gang

Gold looked at his fellow Metal Men and then back at Captain Boomerang.  “All right, Captain Boomerang.  If it will mean sparing the children’s lives, I and my fellow Metal Men will go with you.”

A toothy smile spread across Shark’s mouth.  Watching him smile had the same effect on Gold as the time Doc had brought them all out to the movies to see “Jaws” and Tin had run out of the theater screaming.  The Shark looked over at Ocean Master, who nodded in satisfaction.

“Let us not waste any time,” Captain Boomerang continued.  He reached out and grabbed Platinum by the arm.

The hat just completes the ensemble, no?

“Let go of me!” Tina protested.  She lengthened her arm into a wire as thin as a length of thread and slipped free from Boomerang’s grip.  She looked over at Gold.  “You can’t be serious,” she said to the noble leader of the Metal Men.  “You want us to go with these jerks?”

Gold met Tina’s eyes and then looked at an auditorium full of kids.  There were six members of the Injustice Gang, and there were six Metal Men.  An even fight.

What to do?

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