Sunday, January 31, 2010

You Chose to Hold Off On Attacking

“Fine, Boomerang, you can have him,” Gold said, referring to the lifeless body of Tin.

“Gold!” Platinum said, “I’d expect something like that from Mercury, but you?”

“Quiet, Tina,” Gold said.

Captain Boomerang smiled.  “All right then.  Now we’re getting somewhere.”

“Take what you want from him and leave,” Gold said, arms crossed.

I.Q. stepped forward and bent down over Tin.  He removed the access panel from the robot’s torso, reached in, and disengaged Tin’s responsometer.

“Gold!  Aren’t you going to do something?” Tina asked.

Gold eyed her and then nodded ever so slightly.  He then shot the same I-have-a-plan look at Mercury, who acknowledged with his own nod.  Gold made sure Iron and Lead understood as well.

I.Q. took the responsometer and handed it off to Boomerang, who placed it inside of the device Gold noticed he had been carrying.  “Right then,” Boomerang said, “we’ll be off now.”  The small metallic device glowed, Boomerang’s thumb poised to trip a button.

Gold met Tina’s gaze and nodded.

“Not so fast, Boomerang!” Tina said, springing through the air and coiling around him.  Gold rushed him and then Iron and Lead piled on to Captain Boomerang, but not before he had tripped the switch.

The corridor seized with purple light, the air buzzed, and everything went dark.

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