Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hawkman and the Atom

Irritable, the Winged Wonder flew down into a field near Will Magnus' lab he'd been directed to by the Atom. Ray, after all, wasn't inclined to compound his trespass on an associates property by inviting in a former friend who might end up destroying the place if he says the wrong thing.

The Atom couldn't know the pressure Hawkman was under, after a rogue Thanagarian faction began using an absorbascon to monitor the minds of every human on Earth. Nearly every fellow super-hero was now potentially a spy for this terrorist cell. Further, Katar briefly thought his wife Shayera dead, and was still wrestling with his guilt over killing several of his countrymen. More specifically, Katar was still hurt that his best friend, the Atom, hadn't leaned on him we his own marriage fell apart, and instead abandoned everything.

Ray Palmer was standing in the field, waving his arms to alert his best friend, whom he know dreaded meeting again. So much had seemed to go wrong with the world in his absence, and Ray blamed himself. He also felt a bit foolish and exposed, knowing full well he'd have to shrink to nigh-microscopic levels to elude Hawkman's keen eyesight. As Ray shrank to his standard six inches of Mighty Miteness, his Atom costume appeared, and he watched Katar Hol land.

Tense seconds passed as the two beleaguered heroes sized one another up, so to speak. Then, Hawkman began to raise his arm up, and with a slight grin, patted himself on the shoulder. The Tiny Titan bounded onto Hawkman, and for the first time in too long, felt like things were going to be alright.

Alright, Ray-- tell me everything


Hawkman just shook his head at the Atom's twisting narrative, but vowed to help his little buddy set matters to right. Just then, Hawkman received a call from his wife, warning "Katar, you and the Atom had best be ready to wing it like a Manhawk out of the Seven Hells. I've got a psychotic Martian on my tail, and we've got to pick up the trail of Captain Comet if any of us are ever going to get out of this mess!

Catch that Ride!

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