Monday, January 25, 2010

Aquaman @ The Aquaman Shrine


On a secluded island beach in the Atlantic Ocean, Arthur Curry looked over at his lovely bride Mera, and smiled. As Aquaman, Arthur had spent his life defending innocents with his incredible oceanic powers. Tragically, despite his miraculous strength and speed, Aquaman could not save his young son from the clutches of the murderous Black Manta. The death had placed a strain on his marriage for years, but today, they basked under the warm sun, with sea breezes to keep them cool. Arthur and Mera could finally relax and enjoy one another's company, like in the old days. That was, until Aquaman's fantastic hearing and sight alerted him to some terrific conflict on another island miles distant. Aquaman kissed Mera on the cheek, asked to excuse himself for a moment, and dove into the drink. His green and gold uniform in hand, Aquaman swiftly suited up for battle, then his powerful muscles propelled him beneath the surface. In seconds, Aquaman had swum the distance, and cautiously approached the calamity.

A cold chill passed through Aquaman as emerged along a battle ravaged shore. A few hundred feet ahead of him were the Global Guardians, an international super-hero team, on the brink of defeat at the hands of the Legion of Doom. The size-changing giantess Giganta spotted Curry almost immediately, while digging her heel into Tasmanian Devil's bloodied form, and alerted her teammates. The hulking monster Solomon Grundy was pummeling Seraph at the time, while Captain Cold put the freeze on Godiva. The Riddler was dodging Jack O'Lantern, the Irish hero having caught a break from Giganta's swipes. Brainiac had Thunderlord trapped in a force bubble. Worst of all, Toyman taunted the Little Mermaid, while Scarecrow and Black Manta tortured Bushmaster and Owlwoman. Manta, the killer of Aquaman's son, turned his attention toward, "The Sea King, himself. What were you seeking, exactly? Another grisly spectacle? You're welcome to take part in our work in progress..."

What should Aquaman do?

Escape and find help?
Stand and fight?

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