Saturday, January 30, 2010

You Have Chosen to Hide in the Robot Recovery Room

Gold sprinted down the hallway and slipped into the Robot Recovery Room.  He threw the door closed behind him, and crossed the room.  He ducked down behind one of the recovery tables and waited.

Looking around the room, there seemed to be nothing useful.  He would feel a lot better (well, if he could feel.  He had to remind himself that he was only a robot) if he had a weapon of some sort to level the odds.

He heard shouting from beyond the door and then a scuffle.  “L-l-let me go!”  That was Tin’s voice.

“No!” Platinum’s voice.

“We have it!” he heard Captain Boomerang say, “let’s go.”

Gold got up and sprinted to the door.  He opened it to reveal Captain Boomerang standing with a shining object in his hand.  Tin lay on the floor, deactivated.  The rest of the Metal Men were on their way down the hall.

Platinum noticed him standing there in the hallway and shouted at him.  “Where’ve you been?  They took Tin’s responsometer!”  

“And they’ve used it to power some sort of device,” Mercury added.

Gold wasted no time in launching himself at Captain Boomerang.  “Give that back!” he shouted to Boomerang.  He wrapped himself around the villain.

“Get off of me!” Boomerang shouted.

As he tightened his grip around Boomerang, Gold heard something click and suddenly felt very strange.  A glowing purple sphere shot out from the device in Captain Boomerang’s hand and expanded to fill the corridor.  Platinum shrieked, Lead shielded his eyes.  Everything went white, and then black.

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