Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sgt. Rock

Aw man, ROCK! Imagine Sgt. Rock leading a ragtag group of Remco toys characters and other cast-offs on a suicide siege on Castle Grayskull. Boss, right? But the Flash and Superman would have gathered a group of heroes, while Mr. Miracle had the key to a warp-box that would get everyone where they needed to be. I needed a warp-box of my own to get this done, though, as my plans lie in dust.

A big shout out to wiec? He's one of my favorite bloggers, and among the coolest I've met.

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when is evil cool?


Matthew H Camp said...

you mean the answer isn't Rock?

Diabolu said...

The answer was indeed Rock, but the question is whether I will ever get this blasted interactive game completed to make that more clear. Sorry.