Saturday, January 30, 2010

You Chose to Let Floronic Man Go

“All right,” Gold said, “we will come no further if it means sparing this child’s life.”

The Floronic Man smiled as best that a man who resembled mostly tree could smile.  “You have chosen wisely, Metal Man.”

The Floronic Man: Best Dad Ever?

The Floronic Man leaves—which is a really bad pun, even for this writer, but I couldn’t resist.  Floronic Man gets away with Tommy, then decides to leave the Injustice Gang altogether and raise Tommy as his own son and teach him the ways of ecoterrorism.  Last we heard of Tommy Higgins he had grown up and was working on plans to design a car made entirely out of styrofoam in order to decrease fuel emissions nearly entirely.  It probably won’t work, but those are the kind of decisions you’ll make when you have a tree as a father.

The End.

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