Sunday, January 31, 2010



"No Bizarro! NO!"

The queer reverso Superboy took the belief that "no means yes" to heart, and so encouraged, continued tinkering with the warp-box. A whole series of wormholes began to open up throughout the area, so rapidly the real Boy of Steel couldn't avoid one. The portal sealed up after him, as wormholes opened and closed like blinking eyes in the sky, a replacement materializing elsewhere instants later. Cosmic Boy nearly lost his lunch right there. "S-s-Superboy?" Saturn Girl cried "Oh my grife, you killed Superboy!" Wildfire shouted, "You Bizarro!" Lightning Lad barked, "Let's get him!"

As horrified as the Atom was at the prospect of having just radically altered the space-time continuum by sending the seminal super-hero of all time to parts unknown, his primary concern was still retrieving the warp-box. Like Karloff as Frankenstein, Bizarro kept waving the device out of reach of the attacking Legionnaires, chuckling and smiling in the face of their lust for vengeance. Luckily, these teenagers from the future might just offer enough of a distraction to allow the Mighty Mite to disarm Bizarro. That is, of course, unless Wildfire shouldn't happen to blast it from Bizarro's grasp, sending it toward a warp-hole. The Atom lunged for it, but the warp-box was swallowed by one blinking rip in reality, and the Tiny Titan found himself unable to avoid yet another.

Continue following the Atom down the rabbit hole?
Switch focus to the Legion of Super-Heroes' attempts to find Superboy?

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