Sunday, January 31, 2010


The year 2052.

That's according to Hex over there. I'm Rex, by the way-- Rex Mason. Some folks call me Metamorpho. I'm a super-hero from 1991, and I can turn my body into any element, so that makes me the "Element Man." Eh? So anyway, I got tied up into this weird event I could tell ya about, and that landed me here. This must be some kind of sinkhole in time, right? What are the odds of me, an old west cowboy, and two World War Two heroes all ending up in the same place, ya know? Hey Rock, pass me some beans, 'kay?

Holy Hannah! Mr. Unknown Soldier sir, I don't mean any offense, but I'd a never thunk in an ugly competition involving me and Jonah there, that anybody would be able to pull it away from us. But hey, I'm sorry man. Look, Hex has got you some fresh bandages. Best cover up before you get some kind of facial infection. Anyway, Hex tells me these portals open up kinda regular around here, and all kind of jerks come pouring out. There's these guys with transforming vehicles-- Hex is a real good shot with that future pistol of his. He can pretty well pick those guys off on his own. The giant robots, I can corrode with my powers, or gas their pilots. Those barbarians you talked about, Sarge? They ain't so tough.

So anyway, Hex figures as soon as we want, we can take our chances passing through the portals. He says he's gotten accustomed to this time, and it doesn't damned well please him to try starting from scratch. I know I'm sick of this post-apocalyptic Mad Max bologna. So what do you say guys? You want to head out into the wild yonder with me next time?

What the hell?
I'm already sick of this pasty clown?

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