Saturday, January 30, 2010

You Have Chosen to Attack Floronic Man

Gold wasted no time responding to Tina’s question.  He stretched himself out and launched at the Floronic Man like a winding golden missile.  He wound himself around Floronic Man’s branch-like arms and twisted them behind his back until the villain fell to the ground.  He covered Floronic Man’s eyes in a sheet of gold foil.

The roots which had Tommy by the neck then released and slithered back into their clay pots like everyday, obedient plant roots.

“Gold!  Watch out!” he heard Tina say.  He turned to see Shark coming at him, teeth snapping.

Iron launched himself at the Shark, shaping his arm into an anvil and hammering the Shark’s head with it.  It was enough to stun the vicious villain for a second and he clutched his head with a finned hand.  He would probably need a lot of aspirin later.  That is, if sharks could take aspirin.

Gold turned to see Abra Kadabra waving his arms, about to conjure a spell.  He couldn’t let go of Floronic Man, however.  “Mercury!  See if you can take down Kadabra!”

“On it,” Mercury said, and he globbed through the air to attack the evil magician.  The red Metal Man wound his way around Kadabra’s face, covering his eyes.  Abra Kadabra staggered backwards, arms failing.  Bolts of magic spurted from his hands, flying about the air in all directions, until one jagged crackle of energy struck Iron.

Iron was knocked backwards by the blast and lay on the floor of the corridor, not moving.

“Wh-wh-what happened?” Tin asked, looking down at the lifeless teammate.

“We’ve done it!” Captain Boomerang said.  “Go on, I.Q.,” he said to the master genius, “he’s all yours.”  He handed a small object to I.Q.

“Iron!” Platinum shouted.

“Stop him, Tin!” Gold said.

Tin obeyed and valiantly stretched around I.Q.  I.Q. struggled from beneath a layer of tin foil.  Captain Boomerang reached for his belt and flicked a boomerang at them both, which then exploded.  Tin fell away into shards of foil.

“I’m s-s-s-sorry, Gold!” Tin said.

I.Q. bent down over Iron, activated the access panel on the metal robot, and retrieved a small, glowing object from Iron’s body.  His responsometer.  I.Q. then inserted the responsomter into the object Boomerang had given him.

“No!” Gold said.  He let go of Floronic Man and launched himself at I.Q.

But then, the corridor filled with electric purple light and everything faded to black.

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