Sunday, January 31, 2010

You Chose the Shorter Route

“Let’s take the faster route,” Gold said, “time is of the essence.”

As they walked through the city, people stopped and gave them strange looks.  Adding to the confusion was the fact that Lead carried Tin’s body.

They walked past clothing shops and barber shops, a florist and a candy shop, and all the sorts of things you would see on a main street.

They turned a corner and waited on the curb for the light to change.  As they did, Gold noticed a figure approaching from an alleyway.

A short bald man with an aquiline nose and Coke bottle glasses came walking down the sidewalk with four children in tow.  “Step lightly, Beautia!  Come walk next to me, Magnificus, there’s a good lad.  Georgia!  Junior!  Stop fighing!”  He nearly bumped into Gold as he came to stand on the edge of the curb.  “Oh.  My apologies.”  And when he looked up at Gold his beady little eyes grew ten sizes.  “Oh my,” he said in a small, quavering voice.

“Excuse me,” Gold said. “would you like to cross first?”

“Why, no, my good man.  You go right ahead of me.”  He smiled a crooked little smile.

Platinum smiled down at the children.  “What lovely children,” she said, until she set eyes on Georgia and Junior and her smile faded.

The light turned green and Gold proceeded to cross the street.  He then felt something press against his back and a *zing* of electricity curdled through his body.  Losing his equilibrium, he fell to the pavement, looking up at the strange man.

“What…happened?” Gold asked, and when the others came to help him he noticed the little man pull something from his pocket and zap each of his teammates, and all five of them fell to the pavement.

The little man rubbed his hands together.  “What wonderful specimens!  What amazing craftsmanship!  And now you’re all mine!  Property of Doctor Thaddeus Bodog Sivana!  Who knows what wonderful things I could do with you under my command?”

The world faded from view.  From behind closed eyes, Gold could hear Dr. Sivana laughing what was arguably the best evil villain laugh ever laughed in the entire multiverse.  I suppose that’s what you get for taking shortcuts and not taking time to stop and smell the roses.

The End.

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