Saturday, January 30, 2010

You Chose to Take the Three Villains Alone

Gold turned and looked behind him.  Captain Boomerang lumbered down the corridor with Floronic Man and Abra Kadabra close behind.  Maybe he could take all three down.  After all, he was a noble metal, and that’s the kind of thing that noble metals did.  At least it could buy his teammates some time.

Gold planted himself in the hallway and stretched out into a foil sheet, blocking off the corridor completely.

Captain Boomerang skidded to a stop a few feet from him.  “Getting brave, eh?  Not the smartest thing to do, mate.”  He reached for his belt and withdrew a boomerang and it hummed through the air and exploded when it hit Gold’s body.

It was enough to melt a fist-sized hole into Gold, but it was hardly enough to stop him.  He stretched up into the air and fell down upon the three villains, wrapping them in gold foil.

Which would have contained them, had it not been for Boomerang’s next attack.  Gold felt the villain stab a Boomerang into him and then a hissing sound.

Gold shrank back and fell to the ground.  Boomerang had been smart enough to bring an aqua regia boomerang with him.  Gold had sorely underestimated him.

As Gold writhed on the floor, the acid eating away at him, Captain Boomerang stood over him and laughed.  “Sorry, mate,” he said, “don’t take it personal-like.”

The world darkened as Gold felt his primary systems shutting down.  He could only hope the others were able to hold off the rest of the Injustice Gang.  His last thought was that Doc would find him and be able to repair him, and he hoped he wouldn’t let him down next time.

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Diabolu Frank said...

Good Lord! That villain with the afro seems the most dastardly yet!